What our Participants say about The Coaching Leader programme:

I wish I had been on this programme 10 years ago as the skills I am learning are helping me to become a much more effective leader with my team. I am listening to my people in a completely different way and am finding that each member of my team has skills that I just wasn’t aware of

Before I attended the coaching leader, I failed to realise that coaching was in itself an integral part of leadership and so much more effective than directing and telling

I now realise coaching is the core of leadership not just an add on or ‘bandage’ to be applied when difficult situations arise

Having attended the Coaching Leader Programme I am now pleasantly surprised at how people in my team have so much creativity and want responsibility. I better understand the essential difference between coaching, mentoring and the relationship between me and my direct reports has improved immeasurably

This is life changing. I’ll never forget this programme as it has helped me to become more self-aware and to really understand my impact as a leader with others

When I probe and ask thoughtful questions two things happen. I receive a lot more valid information and I get the other person to contribute their ideas

I used to believe leadership was all about selling my ideas and recruiting followers. I now realise it is about allowing others to become engaged and encouraging them to solve problems