Programme Structure

 The sequence and steps of the programme

In our programme participants will learn skills to:

The Programme will enable participants to learn a model of management which incorporates sound practices of coaching.

The design of the programme is 70% experiential and 30% input helping leaders to build robust core coaching skills.

The four module intensive learning experience is structured to enable it to

  • Be delivered in-house for clients or as an open programme
  • Be run with up to 12 participants
  • Include input, coaching practice sessions, one-one feedback and coaching supervision, plus personal tutorials
  • Be completed in four months.

The design of the CLP allows for input, practice, feedback and the ability to experience coaching with real clients during and after the programme. It also enables the participants to practice skills between sessions and then to get feedback on the next module or as part of their one to one tutorial.

Change in behaviour can only happen over a period of time and by using a modular approach this allows the learning to be internalised by the participant, with practice and feedback from experienced Master Coaches/Facilitators and peers.

Throughout the programme participants will continuously work with the:

  • Context for coaching (organisational culture and systems)
  • Process (different ways of working as a coach)
  • Core competencies (the skills of coaching).