Programme Development

We developed the CLP to help leaders focus on their professional role of coaching and the importance of understanding more about how they can inspire and motivate teams.

The CLP has been specifically designed with the coaching leader in mind, taking participants through the process of the coaching journey. Utilising our comprehensive experience and practice in the field of coaching and leadership, we have developed the CLP to enable the coaching leader to be self-reflective of their role. It has been designed to help increase understanding of a number of coaching and leadership models and to enable a coaching leader to practice coaching skills and become more fluent with a range of leadership concepts.

We have worked closely with academic universities to enhance this process by stimulating the creation of resources and practices that have global professional validation. This progression includes, amongst others, the creation of Advanced Coaching Groups to ensure committed support of coaching leaders when they return to the work-place.

The Coaching Leader Programme creates a transformational journey that helps organisations and individuals broaden their knowledge and skills to enable them to tackle the many challenges they face in a competitive and challenging business world.  Our undertaking to find solutions through learning, practice, reflection, understanding, planning and support is an on-going process driven by the demand of businesses and professionals – a work in progress!