In-Company CLP

What’s special about our in-company CLP?

  • An in-house programme will enable the transfer and integration of knowledge, skills and accumulated experience directly within an organisation.
  • It offers a major shift in leadership and skills through creating a self-supporting group of leaders applying new styles of leadership.
  • The depth and breadth of the CLP changes people on a personal as well as professional level, which participants consider a major benefit, along with enhanced knowledge and skills.
  • Successful participants are rewarded with a formal recognized accreditation.  A programme designed to meet the combined requirements of reputable academic institutions and the needs of businesses.
  • It requires absolute commitment from the sponsor/investor as well as the participants.  It is an intellectually and behaviourally challenging programme which requires immersion, not just superficial engagement.
  • CLP challenges existing leadership attitudes and assumptions and develops skills aligned to a coaching style.
  • CLP is designed to ensure that the new skills and behaviours being learned are actively integrated into their workplace, through practical application of their learning and follow-up.