Benefits of CLP

Individual Benefits

Greater Self-Confidence

The CLP has a significant positive impact on each individual. A glance at the Testimonials provides examples as to how the programme encourages participants to stretch their capabilities and come to a realization of the untapped potential that lies within them and those they manage. This is a massive boost to self-confidence.

Better Self and People Management

Participants learn new ways of managing themselves and leading their teams.  The programme challenges attendees to reflect on how they can enhance the motivation of staff, for the benefit of each individual, the team, and the organization as a whole.

Enhanced Interpersonal Skills and Emotional Intelligence

The CLP experience gives people a greater level of self-awareness.  It also heightens their understanding of their impact on others and their observation of other’s reactions. They realize how to use the fundamental communication skills of questioning, listening and checking understanding at a significantly enhanced level.

More Flexible Leadership Style

The programme leads participants to value the benefits of developing much greater flexibility in the range and style of leadership they use in managing their teams.  This is one of the major achievements of the programme.

Company Benefits

Organizations that invest in their managers through in-company Coaching Leader Programmes may confidently anticipate some or all of the following benefits.

Better Performance results

Achieving consistently good performance over the medium and longer term is not achieved by accident or good luck.  Only rarely is it achieved by having a unique service or product or sensational marketing.

Commitment by a company to the CLP, of itself, will not ensure a company has consistent high performance.  However, people are the life-blood of the business and need to be led and managed excellently to give their best efforts.  Having managers complete the CLP and apply their learning will make a positive contribution to overall performance.

Enhanced Company Image

Employers of choice want to be seen to be committed to investing in the development of their people. All the stakeholders in a business recognize that a strong brand reflects not just excellent products and services but also credible and effective leadership. The CLP is one of the critical ingredients to achieve this status, both with internal and external stakeholders.

Greater Customer/Client Satisfaction

Where customers/clients have a choice of suppliers and there is little product differentiation between competitors, having more satisfied customers or clients is vital.  Managers who attend the CLP are not only better equipped personally to provide the right example to their teams, they can also help their people to handle customers/clients more flexibly and with greater skill.

More Positive Staff Satisfaction/Engagement Levels

This is one of the major benefits of the CLP, where its impact can readily be measured.  The programme directly influences the way participants interact with their people, as leaders and managers. There should be an expectation that in measuring the impact of managers on the morale, motivation and commitment of their people (individually and collectively) there will be on an upward curve in satisfaction/engagement.

Facilitates Cultural Change

Occasionally an organization’s performance demands the need to have a fundamental review of the way it operates. This may include changing their whole way of doing business and usually these changes require a shift in the culture, or to put it simply: “a need to change the way we do things around here”.

Implementing change effectively often requires that people are led and managed differently to the past. The CLP gives managers the tools to adapt their style to lead these changes with a high level of competence.